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Commander Smiths

Treasure Dragon/Kill Him! METAL Token

Treasure Dragon/Kill Him! METAL Token

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Introducing our inaugural collection of METAL Double-Sided TOKENS!


Treasure Dragon (Front)

Designed in collaboration with the Commander Smiths, this AI-generated Treasure Dragon token stands out as a distinctive addition to your gaming collection. The intricate image has been carefully curated and edited to showcase the perfect representation of a Treasure token, complete with a vigilant dragon fiercely guarding its precious hoard.


'Kill Him!' Tokens (Back)

Enhance your gaming experience with these 'Kill Him!' tokens, serving as an ideal tool to pinpoint threats during any type of game. Strategically deploy these tokens to ensure the entire table stays vigilant, minimizing the risk of overlooking potential adversaries.



Durable Metal Construction

Our tokens are not just tokens; they're crafted from durable metal, providing a substantial upgrade over traditional paper counterparts. Built to withstand extended use, these metal tokens are designed to be long-lasting and resilient. As an added bonus, their robust construction makes them a suitable tool for fending off ninjas during your gaming adventures.

Elevate your gaming setup with these premium metal tokens, combining functionality, durability, and a touch of artistic flair.

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