• Playmats

    Level up your gaming setup with our awesome Commander Smith-themed playmats! These bad boys are perfect for your next game night. They're standard size and they've got stitched edging for extra durability. Whether you're Team Forestwalk #TFW or you're down with Urza's #Urzas4Life this playmat features both sides of the debate! Get yours today and take your Commander game to the next level!

  • Metal TOKENS

    Our tokens are not just tokens; they're crafted from durable metal, providing a substantial upgrade over traditional paper counterparts. Built to withstand extended use, these metal tokens are designed to be long-lasting and resilient. As an added bonus, their robust construction makes them a suitable tool for fending off ninjas during your gaming adventures.

  • T-Shirts

    Crafted with comfort and style in mind, this signature t-shirt lets you carry the spirit of our unique community wherever you go. Whether you're deep into a gaming session or simply showcasing your love for the podcast, this shirt is a nod to the camaraderie, laughter, and shared experiences that make Commander Smiths special.

    ***Shirts Take 2-4 Weeks To Ship***

  • Yeti Mugs

    The Yeti Commander Smith mug is the ultimate container for your favorite beverages. Its 24 Oz capacity and heavy-duty construction make it the perfect companion when you're on the go. The Magslider lid helps prevent spills and keeps your drink secure and protected. Enjoy your drink and pimp the Smiths wherever life takes you!